I created a vegan flødebolle brand that unites people in doing better for the planet in an inclusive and celebrative way. This project was awarded second best in Brand Creation by Robert Boisen & Likeminded and shortlisted in Design at Kravlingprisen’22.

Flødeboller is a traditional, sweet treat that people enjoy when they celebrate. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel excluded from these celebrations due to allergies and restricted diets.

FILIFABA flødeboller are made from upcycled aquafaba; a proteinrich liquid that comes from chickpeas. This saves the planet from a lot of unnecessary pollution while making it possible for everyone to join in on any celebration.

A huge thanks to Clare McNally, Birte Nielsen, Cathrine Understrup, Joachim Rosenstand and Klara Vilshammer for feedback. 

@filifaba at Instagram